Manor Bogach

Our farm is located 1km from the historic cultural center of interest of Kobrin, first mentioned in 1287.

"In May 1794 Suvorov sent to Podolia to prepare for the second Polish campaign, namely the suppression of the Polish uprising of Kosciusko. Suvorov gained four victories, two of them when Kobrin: 3 (14) September, the town Divine, the next day at the vanguard of the Cossack Kobrin Suvorov defeated the 400 cavalry Major Ruschicha. 6 (17) September at a monastery near Kobrin Krupchitsy Suvorov Division attacked Karol Serakovskogo (number five thousand, with 26 guns) and drove him to Brest. In donated, the Generalissimo for bravery in battle against Napoleon Bonaparte, the house is located in the town of Kobrin Museum Alexander Suvorov. "

On the estate Bogach until 1939 lived Polish landowner, who has left his mark and memory of their stay.

unique location allows you to escape from the city, relax and get away from working, busy day. Walking through the territory of the village, surrounded by century-old lime trees, next to the orchard and sheep grazing peacefully, at times you find yourself involuntarily bourgeois Poland. Conveniently located in a charming gazebo, while enjoying a cup of herbal tea to the sounds of the nightingale trills, just forget about gently heated, oak logs, bath. The soft, king-size bed all night will enjoy pleasant dreams.

Hospitable, friendly family farm will have a memorable vacation in this beautiful, near the border with Poland Manor.